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Cup Height: 1/2 inches Cup Diameter: 1/2 inches Plate Diameter: 1-1/4 inches Item Description:

This little cup and saucer was made to be used a small collector or souvinear item. Since it has January hand painted on it with a small flower, it was probably part of a series of knick knacks with a cup and saucer for each month of the year.
The words "MADE IN JAPAN" appear on a metalic paper label on the back of the plate.
After 1891 the U.S. required all items exported to the U.S. to be marked with the country of origin in English. Japan was required to mark its products to the U.S. with "JAPAN" or "MADE IN JAPAN" instead of "NIPPON" after 1921. Paper labels on goods came into usage around the 1950s since this is when the adhesives holding the paper labels had improved sufficiently so that they did not readily come off during transport. Thus this piece was made sometime after or during the 1950s.

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