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Depth: 2 inches Diameter: 8 inches Item Description:

This Copper Tint Depression glass Fire King Oven Glass casserole was made by Anchor-Hocking and was an early Oven-proof dishware.
The mark on the bottom in addition to indicating that this item is Fire-King, 8 inches, and made in the U.S.A., also contains the number 450 above the trademark and 17 below the words Fire-King. Anchor Hocking Glass Company was established in 1905 in Lancastor, PA and was well known by the mid 1920s for its tumbler and tableware production. Its Fire-King production line came in a variety of colors and patterns. In 1937, Hocking Glass Company merged with Anchor Cap and Closur Corporation, Long Island City, N.Y., creating the huge Anchor-Hocking Glass Company, which continued to have a major impact on the glassware industry.

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