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Height: inches Diameter: 4-7/8 inches Item Description:

This early Oven-proof dishware was made for restaurant usage. As such, it was heavier than regular dinnerware purchased for home use. This small jade green mixing bowl has a beaded upper rim, and its charateristic green color was refered to as Jade-ite.
The bottom of this bowl is marked with the Fire King trademark. The word "OVEN" appears over the trademark, and the word "WARE" appears under the trademark.
This bowl was made sometime between 1950 and 1956.
Anchor Hocking Glass Company was established in 1905 in Lancastor, PA and was well known by the mid 1920s for its tumbler and tableware production. Its Fire-King production line came in a variety of colors and patterns. In 1937, Hocking Glass Company merged with Anchor Cap and Closur Corporation, Long Island City, N.Y., creating the huge Anchor-Hocking Glass Company, which continued to have a major impact on the glassware industry.

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