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Cup Diameter at top
Saucer Diameter
2 inches
3-3/4 inches
5-1/2 inches
My Price: one cup and saucer set = $45.00

Item Description:

Both the cup and saucer are beautifully hand-painted with tree branches full of plums. A gold trim edges the top of the cup and the outer edge of the saucer.

There is no manufacturer's mark on the cup or the suacer.The bottom of the cup and saucer are marked "Germany". Since Germany was not divided until after WWII, this cup and saucer was probably made before 1945 but after 1891. The U.S. started requiring country of origin stamps written in English on all imported goods starting in 1891.

Many new factories, making high quality utilitarian and decorative porcelains were established during the 19th and 20th centuries in Germany. Most of these 19th and 20th century factories, approximately 200 of them, were concentrated near the source of porcelain's raw materials, i.e. the central and eastern regions of Germany, (mainly North Bavaria, Thuringia, Saxony, and Silesia.)

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