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Cup Diameter at top
Saucer Diameter
TBD inches
TBD inches
TBD inches

My Price: one cup and saucer set = $15.00

Item Description:

This porcelain demitasse cup and saucer both have an embossed pattern, which on the cup is accented with hand painted pink roses and blue forget-me-nots. A gold trim appears to have edged the saucer.

Its red country of origin stamp on the cup simply indicates that it was "MADE IN GERMANY". The U.S. started requiring country of origin stamps written in English on all imported goods starting in 1891. Since Germany was not divided before 1945, this item was probably made sometime between 1891 and 1945.

It is uncertain if in fact the saucer origionally belonged with this cup; though, both are made in a similar style.

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