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Diameter at Top of Glass
Base Diameter
3-1/2 inches
2-1/4 inches
3-5/8 inches

My Price: $15.00/glass

Item Description:
This souvenir glass, dated 1953, was given during the celebrations surrounding the Veiled Prophet pageantry. Each year in St Louis, Missouri the well-to-do debutantes would be presented to society at a formal ball where each debutante's dress as well as how graciously and low she could curtsey to the Veiled Prophet, the guest of honor at the ball, were judged and televised. The next evening the Debutante selected as the "Queen of Love and Beauty" would ride on a float with her selected court in a Mardi Gras style parade through the streets of St. Louis.

The base of this glass and its cup are all one piece. A frosted VP and the date 1953 are etched on the cup of the glass.

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